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Episode 23: Craving with Andrew Wallas

Episode 23: Craving with Andrew Wallas

Andrew and Emma discuss Medicine Woman "Craving"

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Joining us today is dear friend, mentor and wizard, Andrew Wallas. I first met Andrew in 2013 and shortly afterwards I was one of his first students at his School for Wizards; a two year training where we studied a diverse array of body/mind techniques. It was both a personal process and training programme. Since then he has been a huge influence on me and my practice and a great friend.

Craving is a sate of being where one never feels satiated, no matter what is gained or consumed there is still an emptiness that is felt.

Think about what it is that you desire or crave in your life. Imagine it as if it has already happened. Let go of the craving, holding on, needy, grasping energy. What does it feel like to finally have what it is that you crave? Accept where you are right now, with the expectation of good outcomes.

Andrew supports individuals to create an alchemical shift to enable them to reach their full potential in whatever area of their life they most seek change: in work, relationships, health, trust issues, releasing guilt, fear and/or shame. He has extensive experience of working with, and healing, addiction and abuse. Using a hybrid of approaches and techniques, such as breath, bodywork, psycho-drama, voice and Deeksha, he works to release internal blocks to achieve a transformation. His approach differs from most other practices by readdressing your inner world.

He has written three books, created an online programme and guided many individuals, business leaders and companies, to fulfil their latent potential. He is not afraid to point out uncomfortable truths and uses a combination of rational thought, heartfelt wisdom and gut instinct alongside a range of techniques, kinaesthetic, physical and existential to help clients release the obstacles that are standing in their way and to get to the true heart of their intentions.


📧 andrew@andrewwallas.org


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